28 May 2012

Scope Sunday 30

Dayton was fun. The weather was beautiful. I spent Thursday at Fair Radio and the Air Force Museum. On Friday and Saturday at the Hamvention Flea Market, I saw lots of junque, met with some great people, and bought some stuff. The flea market seemed smaller than previous years (especially given the beautiful weather; it should have been crushed). A few of my friends noted some conspicuously missing vendors (like the dollar-per-pound "Hanger 18" people). Regardless, I believe that a good time was had by all.

I have several weeks' worth of stories to tell from Dayton, but I thought that I'd start with this quick one: My carry-on bag for the flight home was a Type Z plug in, packaged in a (musty-smelling) laptop bag that I also bought at the flea market.

The TSA agents at the airport didn't even blink. This experience mirrors the experience that I had in San Francisco with my carry-on 453 oscilloscope. However, I was nervous about the screening: two years ago, a Dayton TSA agent confiscated one ounce of toothpaste from my carry-on bag because it was in a six-ounce tube.

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