07 October 2011

App Note 47 part 1

"High speed amplifier techniques: A designer's companion for wideband circuitry." 132 pages.

App Note 47 is the longest (and in my opinion, the best) application note that Linear Technology has ever produced. I whole-heartedly recommend it as required reading for circuit geeks. It contains a wealth of information (some of it borrowed from previous app notes, see footnote 15) about high-speed measurement techniques, test equipment, oscilloscope probes, and, of course, applications.

Some of the highlights include:
  • Mr. Murphy's gallery of high speed amplifier problems, pages 7-15
  • About oscilloscopes (a gallery of scope and probe responses), pages 20-24
  • Breadboarding techniques (a pictorial tutorial), Figures 62-65
  • Appendix A, The ABC's of Probes, by Tektronix, pages 69-81
  • Appendix F, Additional comments on breadboading, pages 98-122
  • Appendix J, The contributions of Edsel Murphy, pages 130-131
  • And, of course, all the applications
It's going to take several days to get through the whole thing.


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