18 September 2011

Scope Sunday 9

The big oscilloscope-related news this week is that the vintageTEK.org Museum, "A Museum of Vintage Tektronix Equipment" held their grand opening this weekend (on Friday, September 16th).

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the grand opening; I only learned about it earlier this week. Actually, Jim Williams originally told me that this museum was in the works two years ago, (and we had discussed attending the grand opening together), but I wasn't aware that they had made enough progress to open the museum to visitors.

From the press release:

Our potential inventory consists of more than 1,500 instruments donated by Stan Griffiths, cofounder, and approximately 375 donated instruments by ex-Tektronix employees, along with a large supply of parts, accessories, and manuals. Technical volunteers have been working since 2010, repairing and refurbishing instruments for display. Our volunteers consist primarily of ex-Tektronix design engineers, technicians, and marketing personnel, but also include vintage Tektronix equipment aficionados that were customers, who are refurbishing classic instruments as well.

I will be planning a trip to Portland in the very near future. Who's with me?


Phil Crosby said...

The Vintage Tek museum opened last Friday (20110916) with an estimated 200+ visitors. Many more attended on Saturday. Many ex-Tek designers and other former employees were in attendance. A lot of 'scopes and other Tek products were on display, many of them operational.

The museum will be open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Doctor Analog said...

Thanks for the report, Phil. I look forward to visiting in the near future!