02 August 2012

Scope Sunday 34

OK, so it's not really Sunday, but I wanted to post a quick update. I had a great weekend in Portland, including visiting the VintageTEK Museum.

I also did a little bit of surplus shopping.  I stopped at Stuff in Happy Valley ("Nothing you need. Everything you want.") where I bought a Boss DR-110 analog drum machine (don't ask).  I then drove over to R5-D3 Electronic Surplus in Milwaukie, where I bought a manual for my Tek 585 and a couple of issues of Popular Electronics from the 1970s (which included an article about an electronic drum circuit, again, please don't ask).

I also hit Surplus Gizmos in Hillsboro, where I bought some random cables, a rebranded Tektronix video processing box, and some quad-ganged 50k potentiometers. (They were $0.10 each! How could I resist?)

More pictures and words about the museum this weekend.


Steve Meuse said...

How could I resist? Aww, that's just bad!!!! -steve

Doctor Analog said...

What's bad?

zebonaut said...

not sure, but it Steve may think you should have added something like "pun intended"?

Anonymous said...

You asked me not to, but I am inquiring... Drum circuit? DR-110?