08 April 2012

Scope Sunday 27

I bought my tickets and made reservations for the Dayton Hamvention in May. I'm flying in on Wednesday to do a few random things, but I'll definitely be at the flea market on Friday. Anyone else going?

Jim told me that he attended the flea market once. He spent the whole day just walking around and laughing at the sheer enormity of it.

Here are a few pictures that I took last time I was there (in 2010):

Tektronix 7000 mainframes, priced at $1 per pound, which is a good deal for a working 7904A, but a terrible deal for a broken 7704A. Choose wisely!

A couple of Tektronix 7854 mainframes. Nice.

The consummate boat anchor: a Tek 551 dual-beam (but single-time-base) oscilloscope with the external power supply. I'll keep my 556, thankyouverymuch.


krivx said...

Coming from Europe, where used test equipment is a lot harder to come by, those prices are astounding.

zb said...

I like the photo of the 551. I've never seen something written onto a scope's display before. Before haveing zoomed into your photo, I thought the words may say: "Traces beyond the 6 x 10 graticule may appear smaller than they are."

Mark said...

I'll be there with a friend. We even rented a space this year --- want to meet up?

Doctor Analog said...

@Mark Yes. At the very least, we could just meet at your booth and eat lunch together on Friday. What's your space number?

Mark said...

Kent --- We have an outdoor spot - FW2344. I'm driving in on Friday but my friend Bob (who you probably know) will be there. Assuming the weather is good (not a good assumption), we can grab a bratwurst and look for junque(TM).

Len Sherman said...

I went to the Dayton Ham Fest twice with Jim Williams. In the pre eBay days the magnitude of "great deals" was overwhelming. We were standing there thinking, "Well this is great, but we can't buy much because how are we going to get it back to CA?". Then we passed by a big Delta Airlines setup in the parking lot where they had large boxes that you could fill up and ship anywhere in the country for $55. After that, we went hog wild. It was great.