15 April 2012

Scope Sunday 28

This morning, I am headed to the MIT Swapfest (the first one of the 2012 season!). I told my students to attend for extra credit (they have to find me and check in with me).

I'll update this post with photographs later today...

UPDATE: Ten students attended Swapfest! I have yet to get a full report on their purchases and finds, but I am encouraged that so many students attended on a holiday-weekend Sunday morning.

There were a few Tektronix oscilloscopes in attendance, but nothing that I didn't already have. Since it was the first Swapfest of the season, the prices were on the high side (next month, I'll have plenty of opportunities to buy stuff I don't need at NEAR-Fest, Dayton, and the May Swapfest). I did take a few pictures of some Tek gear.

A Tektronix RM31A. The guy wanted $100 for it. Good luck with that. The booth next to him had a 575 for sale, also for $100. The last time I bought a 575, I only paid $40 for it, and that was only because I wanted the property stickers.

Tektronix 453s and 454s for $40 each. That's a fair price for a working 454, but I already have too many.

Other random oscilloscopes, for $60 each. Maybe there will be some better deals next month.

I did buy this book with an awesome cover. I couldn't resist!


1. What's wrong with this dust jacket?

2. How mad do you think the author was when he saw what the art department did to the cover of his book?


Jeff said...

Very, very mad. That's terrible.

zebonaut said...

Good luck for anyone who wants a patent on a NIGBT (non-insulated gate bipolar transistor). This book will be held against that person, proving his innovation has been published already.

zebonaut said...

How mad? Maybe mad enough that he applied a voltage in excess of V_DS,max (or V_CBO?) to the dust jacket?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,
I just learned your great page - really good !

To collect classic Teks here in Germany is also fun -
next weekend I will have a chance to see a collection of 20+ Teks in Berlin which may be brought to the scrap yard..
I think I have to safe at least some of them...
535, several 555, 556, ...

zebonaut said...

Fun question:

How many Tektronix scopes can you count on board an airplane that flies into hurricanes (link found here)?

Also, what other types of cool gear can you find? For insance, there seems to be a recorder using analog audio cassettes in one of the racks on board of the plane...

Anonymous said...

Always make friends with your artist.