02 October 2011

Scope Sunday 11

How many oscilloscopes did Jim own?

Jim wrote Chapter 18 in Bob Pease's book, "Analog Circuits: World Class Designs" (this chapter is actually just a reprint of "The Zoo Circuit" from Jim's 1991 book). I recently added this chapter to the bibliography. While I was thumbing through the book for the bibliographic data, I noticed that the biography for Jim said that he owned 84 Tektronix oscilloscopes.

It is interesting to see how this number changed over time. In his 1991 book, he claimed 14 oscilloscopes. In his 1995 book, he claimed 28 oscilloscopes. In Bob's 2008 book, he claimed 84 oscilloscopes. Such is the trajectory of an obsessive collector!

However, in a short bio that he gave me in 2009 (prior to speaking to my classes at M.I.T. and Olin College), he wrote that he owned 62 oscilloscopes. Was this number out-of-date? Did he sell some? (I shudder at the thought.)

Does anyone have any other published data points?

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