30 October 2011

Scope Sunday 15

In the App Note 47 List of References, Jim cited three books in the "Tektronix Concepts" series. These books discuss circuit theory from basic introductory concepts to detailed, specific design examples (from Tektronix products, of course). They were authored by a variety of engineers at Tektronix. Reading through them, you wonder how many of Tektronix's competitors bought and devoured these books. Scans of some of the volumes in the series can be found online in PDF format.

A friend of mine has a nearly complete set.

I am green with envy. My bookshelf needs a set of these.

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zebonaut said...

Hi Kent, thanks again for your continued effort with your blog articles. Both your literature links and your comments on Jim Williams' app'notes are a pleasure to read and help filling holes in my paper or pdf library. I sooo wish that visiting the special exhibition at the Computer Histroy Museum wasn't a 12 hour flight away from my neck of the woods. Maybe they could arrange shipping the whole beautiful workbench over to the Deutsches Museum after April 12, 2012?