23 October 2011

Scope Sunday 14

Last weekend, when I was in California to attend the event at the Computer History Museum, I also hit two of Jim's favorite surplus stores.

I started at HSC Electronic Supply in Santa Clara.

They had a selection of Tektronix 7000-series plug-ins (always good to see!), but nothing that I really needed (they were mostly slow time bases and a few low-bandwidth vertical amplifiers).

After striking out at HSC, I headed to WeirdStuff.

In the very back, they had a Tektronix 7904 for $250. No thank you.

The last time I was at WeirdStuff with Jim, we found an ancient custom-built rack mount ten-channel amplifier box on the floor near the back wall. Inside the chassis, there were ten Philbrick K2-X op amps and ten K2-P chopper stages. We bought it, took it back to LTC, and stripped all the parts out of it.

That was a good day.

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