02 January 2012

Top App Notes (so far)

With all of the great application notes that Jim wrote, which ones are best? App Note 47 is one of my favorites, and App Note 65 represents a significant and lengthy development effort, but which other ones are worthy of the title "Best App Notes"?

To help settle the question (or at least kick off the conversation), I've started a list: Jim Williams's Best App Notes (so far).

For now, the list includes App Notes 47, 65, 70, 43, and 25. As I continue reading through the rest of his app notes, the list will change as new app notes get added, the order is rearranged, and old app notes drop off the bottom of the list.

(Eventually, this list will probably be a "Top Ten" list, but for now, it's "Top Five". There are some great app notes coming up in the next few weeks.)

Which app notes are you favorites?

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