04 February 2019

Shameless self promotion

Please forgive this interruption of shameless self promotion. I have a new writing project that I'd like to share. Over my teaching career, I have written quite a few sets of course notes on analog circuit design and feedback systems. I am occasionally asked if I intend to publish them, but the answer has always been "maybe". This year, I want to turn that "maybe" into a "yes". The short term plan is to polish and release course notes based on the following:
  • Analog Linear Systems
  • Feedback Circuit Techniques
  • Become One with the Transistor
However, I need motivation. Thus, I've created a Patreon. My hope here is that a crowdfunding audience will provide me with the motivation to finish (it's not about the money). If you're interested in following along and helping to motivate me, please visit: Kent Lundberg is creating textbooks on Patreon.

(I actually have a short letter that Jim wrote me many years ago, complementing me on my transistor-circuits course notes, but I've misplaced it.  If I find it, I will scan it and post it here, thereby connecting this writing project back to Jim Williams himself.)

23 January 2019

Jim's Work Bench

Much has happened since my last post to this blog. Analog Devices bought Linear Technology Corp and is moving to a new building in California. Jim's work bench, which was previously on display at the Computer History Museum, has been on display at Linear for the past few years, but the new building (reportedly) doesn't has space for it.

Ideas for a new home would be greatly appreciated.

(I previously wrote about this bench in Scope Sunday 13.)