04 February 2019

Shameless self promotion

Please forgive this interruption of shameless self promotion. I have a new writing project that I'd like to share. Over my teaching career, I have written quite a few sets of course notes on analog circuit design and feedback systems. I am occasionally asked if I intend to publish them, but the answer has always been "maybe". This year, I want to turn that "maybe" into a "yes". The short term plan is to polish and release course notes based on the following:
  • Analog Linear Systems
  • Feedback Circuit Techniques
  • Become One with the Transistor
However, I need motivation. Thus, I've created a Patreon. My hope here is that a crowdfunding audience will provide me with the motivation to finish (it's not about the money). If you're interested in following along and helping to motivate me, please visit: Kent Lundberg is creating textbooks on Patreon.

(I actually have a short letter that Jim wrote me many years ago, complementing me on my transistor-circuits course notes, but I've misplaced it.  If I find it, I will scan it and post it here, thereby connecting this writing project back to Jim Williams himself.)