22 January 2013

Scope Sunday 42

A friend emailed me last week, and said that he had some Tektronix 500-series plug-ins for me.  I told him that I was happy to give them a good home.  When I arrived at his house on Sunday, he had a dozen-and-a-half plug-ins for me, and also this back-breaking beast:

He said that it has a small oscillation problem, and it didn't come with any fixtures, but I am very pleased.  I have several 575s (and even a 175 with the special cable), but this treasure is my first 576.


Kixz said...

This is beautiful!

EP_CRW said...

Thanks for rescuing this. I hope you can show it being used and useful.

Building a curve tracer that can drive an x-y output for display would be a terrific EE Proto final project.

Unknown said...

Kent, I see you haven't posted for awhile. Please don't let this blog die. It's been a pleasure to read, and a true memorial to Mr. Williams, whom I've learned to revere.