26 September 2011

Book 1

A brief detour this week: App Note 43 was published in June 1990. The next app note (App Note 45) was written a year later. In the intervening 12 months, Jim had a son, Michael, and published a book, "Analog Circuit Design; Art, Science, and Personalities". So this week, I want to blog about the book. If you don't own a copy, you owe it to yourself to buy one. It's a fun, fun read.

Yes, his workbench really did look like that. Note the presence of this trusty Tektronix 547.

This book contains thirty chapters, written by a wide variety of "personalities", including Barrie Gilbert, Paul Brokaw, Bob Pease, James Roberge, John Addis, and many others. Jim wrote four of the chapters himself. I'll discuss them each in turn. One interesting note at the beginning of the book is in the biographies of the contributors (starting on page xiii). In Jim's bio, it says "He lives in Belmont, California, with... 14 Tektronix oscilloscopes." Such a small collection! (In the following years, he acquired many, many more.)

I have several copies of this book (I hate seeing them in used-book stores; I buy them when I see them). I even got Jim to sign one of them.

You can find some excerpts of the book on Google Books.


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