01 January 2014

Top Five Posts 2013

A year ago, I declared the "Top Five Most Popular Posts in 2012". A year before that, I declared the "Top Five Most Popular Posts in 2011" with an incomplete year of data. Therefore, following the tradition, I do declare:

The Top Five Most Popular Posts in 2013
  1. Best App Notes Page (2012 rank: #1)
  2. Not really a "post" in the strictest sense of the word, but this page received the most traffic in 2012. It continues to be updated as I continue to read...
  3. Scope Sunday 13 (2012 rank: #2)
  4. Photos from my trip to the Computer History Museum to see the opening night of Jim's Linear Technology laboratory bench on display (with my business card in the mess).
  5. Vintage Scopes are Better, part 2
  6. The second part of a five-part series. See below for part one.
  7. Vintage Scopes are Better, part 1 (2012 rank: #3)
  8. The first part of my five-part series on why vintage analog oscilloscopes are better than modern digital ones, with plenty of quotes from Jim. See also part two, part three, part four, and part five.
  9. My Favorite Widlar Story (2012 rank: #6)
  10. A retelling of the three-terminal-voltage-regulator prank. My second-favorite Bob Widlar story is the one about the sheep.

Some of the stats don't make sense (part two above part one?), so I suspect that Blogger suffered some kind of soft reset sometime during the year. Nonetheless, I charge forward with the only data I have. Also, I note that all of these posts are from 2011 and 2012, which is further evidence of my falling down on the job here. I hope that I will produce more interesting posts in the coming months.

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