17 June 2013

Scope Sunday 44

I'm a day late with this post, but I did want to report on recent activities. Yesterday, I spent the morning at the MIT Swapfest, but did not purchase anything. Instead, I sold some Hewlett Packard and General Radio manuals and catalogs that I had rescued from the trash at M.I.T. (Next month, I will be selling some similarly diverted Tektronix manuals.) There was a $10 Tektronix 564B, but I'm not really into the 560 series (despite the fact that I own a 3S1 and one 561B). Besides, someone else had bought it before the end of the flea market.

I did buy a scope last week (actually, two, but the second half of this story will come next week): I found a Tektronix 514AD on Craigslist.

This scope has some interesting features: It was the first scope to offer both a 10-MHz bandwidth and DC response (the 511 only had the former, the 512 only had the latter). The 514AD version include a 24-section 250-ns LC delay line. It also includes (I am told) tons of selenium rectifiers. Fun!

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Unknown said...

Hello! I just got one of this huge 514AD scopes.
How i get the unusual power cable?