23 June 2013

Scope Sunday 45

My friend Eugene pointed me to a Tektronix 661 on eBay (it was the first one I'd seen in quite a while). I've wanted this scope for a long time. I even mentioned back in Scope Sunday 2.

Jim mentioned his Tek 661 quite a few times: He used it in App Note 74, and tt is pictured on the back cover. He used it in Figure 77 of App Note 72 and also in App Note 61. I'm excited to have my own, and if it works, I'll have to get to work on building some more high-speed pulse generators.


Kixz said...

It is said tek 661 is a good sampling oscilloscope
I really wanted to have one.
In China, no one knows these valuable instruments

Anson Whealler said...


Looks better in your photo than in the original from ebay!

Hope your only problem is the fuse holder. Looks as if it's connected for 220??

How about a miniblog about cleaning it up and getting it working again?

Unknown said...

AWESOME! hey in addition to writing that miniblog about getting it working again...how bout an aside on how to actually use the thing! I've always wanted to learn how...